Aid for Ukraine


We are grateful to all who want to participate in helping the Ukrainian people.

During the initial months of the war, the financial support was collected for the purchase of the most needed supplies (food and toiletries) which we transported to Ukraine, where they were then distributed to the places directly threatened by war. More than 50 tonnes of food were transported, for which we are thankful first of all to God, and also to all the donors who supported this project financially.

At the moment, we are still collecting funds for the purchase of food and medicine, but since May we have been cooperating with pastor Victor, who coordinates the delivery of food to war victims in eastern Ukraine. Upon reaching a village, the pastors involved in transporting the food gather the people, preach the Gospel, speak about forgiveness of sin and eternal life, pray for the people, and then distribute the food products, the medicine, and sometimes God’s Word, too. Pastor Victor has sent us tens of short videos with various people who were immensely grateful to those who have donated their money so that the people suffering due to the war could receive help.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive more information.